Introducing ReConnect

What if you could turn anonymous online and physical foot traffic (high value consumers already interested in your product) into warm leads with both digital AND physical home addresses?
AIM ReConnect can do that!


The ReConnect Edge

AIM ReConnect converts previously anonymous traffic—anywhere, anytime—into new warm leads with digital IP AND physical home addresses, instantaneously launching your laser-targeted, integrated marketing campaign.

Not only market inside a geofence but maintain contact after prospects leave the fence with no time or geographical boundaries.


With IP to Home Addresses you can instantly reach:

  1. Foot traffic at a convention, tradeshow, airport, sports event, college campus.
  2. Your own retail store or your competitor’s showroom.
  3. Students at a college, professionals at a conference, hotels… The possibilities are endless.
  4. Your own online visitors, lurkers, abandonments, and nonconverts.

The "Silent Majority"
Did you know that the vast majority of potential sales prospects are currently unknown to you?

Statistics from Headcount: “Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Secret Weapon” & Big Commerce: “Omni-Channel Retail in 2017”

ReConnect Technology

Explore the advanced technologies that ReConnect employs.

  • IP to Home

    IP to Home technology is a breakthrough in direct mail targeting.

    Most are familiar with the concept of online retargeting ads. But, what if you could retarget the 97% of non converting web traffic with direct mail? Now you can.


  • Geo Targeting

    Send direct mail and serve digital ads based on where people physically are.

    Define any physical area, including your competitor's, and target them with digital ads and direct mail. Geolocation targeting serves digital ads to these prized prospects even after they leave the target area. Zero cookies, boundaries or time constraints.

  • Digital Fulfillment

    Our network combines best in class digital, data and fulfillment partners.

    Our integrated marketing approach is made possible through our incredible data, digital and fulfillment partners. AIM is able to scale campaigns to match your high demands.

  • Verified Analytics

    We measure effectiveness through verified sales, not CTR or meaningless impressions. We will work with you to determine what the true ROI of your campaign is.

How Does it Work?

ReConnect is about converting more of your existing, anonymous traffic to marketable leads. Here's how we do it.


Capture mobile devices present at high value locations.

We capture mobile devices at events people attend, where people work, where people study, where people shop, all with the intent to advertise to this high value audience.


Advertise to the leads that you didn't even know you had.

AIM ReConnect attributes a home address to mobile devices that visited any event, shopped at your store, or even a competitor's store. From there, we are able to target that home network with digital banner ads or video ads.





Retarget online shoppers with high conversion mail pieces.

Most contemporary digital products can only retarget with cookies online. We take the digital breadcrumbs created by visitors turn it into a physical mail piece, brochure, white paper, or catalog delivered to the prospect’s home within 72 hours of their web visit.

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